Jennifer Aniston & Cameron Diaz are NO LONGER pals

FRIENEMIES??? Insiders say pals Jennifer Aniston & Cameron Diaz are NO LONGER pals. The two have been competing for the same parts and Aniston beat her for a recent role. The insider says Cameron doesn’t even want to HEAR Aniston’s name mentioned.

It’s being rumored that actresses Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston are feuding! The pair have been friends for years, but apparently their “intense competition” for the same film roles is ruining their relationship.

According OK!, the “intense competition” over getting movie roles has ruined their friendship. The tabloid notes that nearly 20 years ago, Aniston and Diaz starred together in She’s The One, but now, says one of the magazine’s ill-informed sources, they’re “angling for the same roles, and Cam isn’t happy about losing out.”

The tabloid writes that Diaz wanted the part of Sandy is Garry Marshall’s upcoming movie Mother’s Day. “Cameron loved the script, but Jennifer beat her to the punch,” says a so-called “insider,” adding, “There was a time when Cam got first dibs; now she can’t bear to hear Jennifer’s name.”

“Something happened and now they are no longer talking,” sources tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP. “Cameron has no idea what went wrong. She thinks it might be work related but Jen will not tell her what she did.”