Howard Stern big 60th birthday bash starts at 6:00pm – he likes to be in bed by 10:00pm!

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Howard Stern will celebrate his big 60th Birthday tonight at The Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan at 6:00pm!

“We are having a birthday blowout bash like the country has never seen before,” said Stern. “We are finally one step closer to making my birthday the national holiday it deserves to be.”

But it will start and end EARLY!

Jimmy Kimmel, Louis C.K. and David Letterman will all attend along with performances by Jon Bon Jovi, John Fogerty and Steven Tyler. The rest of the guest list is secret.

“Howard is used to getting up early to do his radio show. He can’t stay awake after 10:00pm, even for his own birthday,” laughed one pal to NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB!