“Elizabeth Taylor Could Seduce Gay Men,” – Says Debbie Reynolds

Before Brad and Angelina Jolie were the most beautiful couple in cinema history there was the fabled pairing of movie legends Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. But as he was gay, no-one ever thought of them as a couple until now!

In her upcoming memoir, Debbie Reynolds, who infamously lost her hubby Eddie Fisher to Taylor in 1958, says tragically closeted gay Clift also share passion off-screen with Taylor as well.

Debbie, remembers an incident at a party at Taylor’s Hollywood Hills mansion where Clift and Taylor, then married to stuff British actor Michael Wilding: “They laughed and giggled while making out in the water in front of us all… Even though Monty had boyfriends as well as girlfriends, it was obvious that he and Elizabeth had been intimate. Elizabeth could seduce any man, gay or straight,” Reynolds writes.

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