Alex Rodriguez’s Baseball Pals Warned Him Not To Date JLO – EXCLUSIVE

Just when Alex started dating Jennifer, he got media-trained for his new TV career. And a pal tells STRAIGHT SHUTER that the baseball giant had one strange question – “would dating JLO help or hurt his image?”

“He did not want to be media-trained. He fought it a little bit…he really didn’t think he needed it. And I was the most nervous of anyone when I was with him. He had just started dating Jen and he said to me, “so let me ask you a question. Like, the people from baseball don’t think I should go out with her…. cause they don’t think it’s good for my image.” a insider tells STRAIGHT SHUTER.

“What are you kidding me?” Good for your image? It’s going to help your image,” responded Amy. “Those people, your baseball friends that are telling you not to go out with her?! Like, hello, they are wrong. So I’m glad he listened to me,” she added. “I said she’s the best thing that could ever happen to you. This was really in the beginning.”

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