An Evening at the Playboy Mansion with Reyne Hirsch

Antique and collectible expert, Reyne Hirsch, reveals everything about her eying at the PLAYBOY mansion with Hugh Hefner.

It has always been a dream to be invited by Hugh Hefner to the Playboy Mansion. To party with all the bunnies, and the hopes of getting a peek at the elusive “Grotto”.

Not everyone’s invited.
You’ve got to be on a celebrity guest list, or know someone who knows someone…

An invitation:
They weren’t for sale, but if you want to pretend like you were once invited to one of the parties, expect to pay anywhere from $50-200

What to wear?
If you wanted to “fit it” you’re going to need proper attire.
A red smoking jacket, perhaps one of Hugh’s giveaways will set you back a $1000-1500. If you want to go full on red silk pajamas, you’re going to have to spend about $3,000.

For your date, if she wants an authentic Playboy Bunny outfit, expect to pay around $10,000 – IF you can find one.

As you walk the halls of The Mansion, you might find paintings by renowned artist, Leroy Neiman. Neiman began working with Hefner and Playboy in the 1950s. He traveled the world painting the places he went to which graced the walls of the different Playboy Clubs. Paintings by Neiman have sold for as much as $90,000

Finally, if you made it to the game room for a round of pinball and thought a vintage Playboy pinball machine would be great in your man cave, be prepared to spend $500-2500, depending on condition.

Reyne Hirsch, an expert in 20th century decorative arts and current host of RideTV’s “Ridiculous Ranches,” has a lot under her belt. When not appraising antique watches, $20 million paintings or other highly sought out collectibles, Reyne is also a regular contributor to Huffington Post with her “Celebrity Collector” column where she interviews celebrities about their unique collections. Hirsch rose to popularity as on-air talent for 13 seasons of PBS’ Emmy Nominated series, Antiques Roadshow and is a repeat guest on some of America’s highest rated morning shows such as CBS This Morning Martha Stewart Radio and more. As if that wasn’t enough, Reyne is a 2-time published author and has been interviews by publications such as The Los Angeles Times, TV Guide, Home and Garden, The Washington Post, Time Out New York and many many more. She currently resides in Houston Texas where she is continuously expanding her expertise into new areas such as television development, trade book contributing and connecting with her loyal fans and fans of her incredibly interesting industry through social media.