Bethenny Frankel Gets Another Cast Mate FIRED – WHO SHE PUSHED OUT

Heather Thompson has been pushed out of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES of NYC by the shows star Bethenny Frankel.

First, Heather’s blog gave it away….he said, “Gone Fishing.” Then advertised her product. She stopped tweeting about the show a while ago. She didn’t tweet Carole for a while too.

“She made the decision after the reunion, but she has a lot of negative incoming from fans because of her behavior on the island,” a source tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP. “Heather is a business woman and Bethenny put her down all season. They were branding experts, but Bethenny wanted to be Queen Bee.”

“You could tell that she was very frustrated. She complained about the editing on twitter. Bethenny came back with a baseball bat. Heather can’t utter a sound without Bethenny lauching a full out offensive. Bethenny also can’t have a friend like Carole, share time with someone she doesn’t like,” adds a source.

The signs have been there for a while.

Heather worked for Josh Taekman at the time he was in charge of branding for Diddy. This season, Josh is not on the show. He did not want to damage Eboost. Bethenny went after Kristen’s Pop of Color Beauty Nail Polish branding with a vengeance. That is an insult to Josh a top branding expert. You know Josh knows how to brand.

“Did you know that Andy was spending time with Bethenny this weekend? How is that fair to the other women? Bethenny has taken over that show. We should rename it, “The Empress Bethenny Show,” adds a source.