Brian Williams TV Comeback Is In Rachel Maddow’s Hands – EXCLUSIVE

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Newsman Brian Williams is looking to make a big comeback to primetime from his current 11pm slot on MSNBC, however, before any move is made, the networks queen, Rachel Maddow, will need to give it her blessing.

“Rachel Maddow is the boss inside MSNBC. Her show rates better than anyone’s and the executives are very aware that keeping her happy is a top priority. Brian is doing great in his current 11pm slot but would do even better if he was moved to the 5,6,7 or 8pm position. However, nothing will happen until Maddow says yes,” insiders tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “Luckily for Williams, Maddow likes him a lot. But Chris Matthew, Chris Hayes or Chuck Todd are not so lucky. One of them will need to be dumped to make room for the return of Williams!”

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