DATING DONNY: Jamie Foxx long distance relationship with Katie Holmes

As previously reported on Naughty Gossip Jamie Foxx is opening up about his long distance relationship with actress Katie Holmes. Sources are saying that “they’re making it work”.

A lot of people would see a long distance relationship and think that it will never work. I hear to tell you the complete opposite. A long distance relationship can be good for a couple. You learn to cherish the little bit of time you have together more. You don’t take for granted the precious moments that you share with each other.

One of my best relationships was with someone I dated who lived in a different state than me. It made me yearn to be with them again. I looked forward to spending time together. Every little text, call, facetime meant a little more.

The saying is cliche but it’s oh so true “absence really does make the heart grow fonder”.

Dating can be Naughty, but we’re keeping it Nice!

Xo, Dating Donny

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