Dating Donny: Jennifer Lopez wants to ‘Grow Old’ with Alex Rodriguez

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As previously reported on Naughty Gossip Jennifer Lopez wants to ‘Grow Old’ with Alex Rodriguez. She even goes on to say “that’s the goal right?”

The truth is Jennifer Lopez is right, the goal in life is to be happy. Whether we want to believe it or not, having a companion is one major key to lifelong happiness. We deal with a lot of stress, issues and hardships on a daily basis just maneuvering through our own lives. It helps to have someone to come home to who can make you laugh and help shoulder some your burdens.

So don’t be afraid to think about the future and long term when it comes to dating and finding your “forever” partner.

We might not all ‘Grow Old’ and be as stunningly beautiful as Jennifer Lopez as we do so, but if being happy in love is her secret, then I want in on it.

Dating can be Naughty, but we’re keeping it Nice!

Xo, Dating Donny

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