Dina Lohan Caught Sneaking Into Bathroom Stall With Pal! – EXCLUSIVE

Dina Lohan was spotted by STRAIGHT SHUTER acting very strange with a pal at La Mercier Café in New York City. At one point, sneaking into the bathroom with a pal.

“Dina was having lunch with a younger pal in Soho when Jake Gyllenhaal entered the Café,” an eyewitness tells STRAIGHT SHUTER. “She was trying to get his attention, after-all he did once date Lindsay. She was giggling and causing a scene, but he couldn’t care less. Finally, she and her pal went to the bathroom so they could pass Jakes table. But after that didn’t work, both ladies disappeared into a stall together for a few minutes. It was all very strange. I mean, who goes to the bathroom in the same stall with a pal?”

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