EXCLUSIVE: Elton John Gave Hot Young Man A Diamond Earring (Not his husband)

Elton John is so thrilled with handsome actor, Taron Egerton’s performance, playing him in the forthcoming “Rocketman” film, that the superstar has given him a diamond earring as a gift.

“Elton and Taron have become great friends and yes they have even exchanged gifts. John gave Egerton a diamond earring and the young actor gave Elton new glasses,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “And don’t worry about Elton’s husband David. He is as crazy about Taron as Elton is. The three of them will be close friends for life and are already making plans of spending more time together. It might look like an unconventional relationship to people with Elton being 72 and Taron just 29. But you have to remember that we are talking about Elton. Nothing in his life, including his friendships, are conventional.”

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