Felicity Huffman Will Cost ‘Desperate Housewives’ Millions – EXCLUSIVE

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Eva Longoria and Marcia Cross are livid with Felicity Huffman and not just because of her alleged role in the college cheating scandal, but because they would all lose millions from ‘Desperate Housewives” being pulled around the world.

“Each of the cast members earns a big royalty every time ‘Desperate Housewives,’ plays around the entire world. They planned on cashing those checks for the rest of their lives and now Felicity has messed that up,” sources tell STRAIUGHT SHUTER. “We are talking millions of dollars lost. What station is going to want to air the program anymore? Look what happened to ‘The Cosby Show,’ after Bill was convicted! They are mad and nothing Felicity can say or do will help.”

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