Gayle King Has No Idea If She’s Getting Fired By CBS – EXCLUSIVE

Rumors are buzzing that CBS is thinking about scrapping its morning news show and firing Oprah’s best friend Gayle King. Leaving staff at the network to wonder what is going on.

“No one knows what is going on. Not even Gayle has a clue what they are planning to do,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “You would think with all the rumors, management would have a meeting and calm everyone’s fears, but if they are keeping Gayle King in the dark, then you know something big is about to happen.”

The morning show on CBS has always been a ratings disaster and following the embarrassing firing of Charlie Rose, the show has gone from bad to worse.

“I wish I knew the answers to these questions….if you find out please let me know,” one top insider asked STRAIGHT SHUTER.