Kardashian’s Show No Longer Worth $150 Million – EXCLUSIVE

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The Kardashians $150 million contract with E! network ends this year and so far, no decision has been made about the future of the show.

“With ratings down, Kris and the family are going to have to take a big pay cut if they want to continue their relationship with E! And as you imagine, that is not going over well with any of the Kardashians,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “For five seasons the family had been pocketing $30 million a season. That is a massive $150 million. Which was a huge bump from the $20 million Kris and her kids were receiving in their 2015. At the moment the new offer on the table is well below the 2015 deal. It is still an enormous amount of money, but everyone got greedy. The family never considered that one day the party would come to an end. There financial expectations are out of control.”

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