Kate Hudson Blamed For Weight Watcher Meltdown – EXCLUSIVE

Oprah Winfrey lost $58 million on her Weight Watchers investment as stock plunged a few weeks ago – and now the finger of blame is pointing at the company’s new spokesperson – Kate Hudson!

“The problem is that Weight Watchers moved away from weight loss and towards Kate Hudson, a celebrity who has never been fat, but rather has had an amazing body for years and now she just had a baby and needs to lose a few pounds,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “I don’t know one person who has struggled their entire life with weight who can relate to Kate Hudson. We have all seen her movies and seen how great her body is. Her mother, Goldie Hawn, is 73 and still has a body most ladies would kill for. Kate just needs to lose the baby weight. That isn’t the reason most people need help. The whole Kate campaign has been a disaster. They need to go back to real people, or celebrities who the public has watched struggle with their size for years, like Jennifer Hudson.”

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