Kelly Ripa Gave Her Staff Louis Vuitton – EXCLUSIVE

When it comes to Christmas, the most generous celebrity in New York is Kelly Ripa and everyone knows it.

“One year Kelly gave everyone on her glam team Louis Vuitton. They were all stunned and very, very thankful,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “Kelly knows how hard her team works every day to make her look great and she is genuinely grateful. She makes a lot of money and isn’t afraid to share it with her team.”

Another TV host that is also loved it CNN’s Chris Cuomo!

“Chris is very sweet. If it’s your birthday and he knows it, you will get flowers. He also sings!” adds another insider. “A good holiday gift is a gift certificate to a spa or a wallet. Something small but classy. Listen, I’ve been on a show for two months and the host gave me air pods. That was incredibly thoughtful. But everyone knows Kelly and Chris are the best when it comes to gifts!”