Lindsay Lohan Calls Herself A “Superstar” – EXCLUSIVE

As Lindsay Lohan’s reality show ratings continue to drop, the former actress is lashing out at the President of MTV, insisting they don’t know how to treat their talent.

“Lindsay is furious about her reality show and how it has been promoted and marketed, but really, what she is angry about is that no-one is watching, or cares about her anymore. She was told that the show would make her an A-List star again. That it would put her back in the same fame category as Kim Kardashian. But that didn’t happen,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “Now Lindsay is firing back at MTV telling then that she isn’t a ‘reality star,’ but rather she is a ‘superstar,’ and should be treated like one.”

Insiders reveal the show is dead after this season. OUCH

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