Lori Loughlin Running Away From Hollywood – EXCLUSIVE

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As prosecutors move forward in the cases against Lori Loughlin and her husband in the high-profile college admissions cheating scandal, the couple are looking to leave LA.

“Living life in Hollywood, at the moment for, Lori and her husband is impossible. She has been famous for a very long time but has never experienced anything like this. The plan is to get away, move somewhere far away from the spotlight and try to go on with life as normal as possible,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “They are living a nightmare. They cannot leave the house anymore and have been surprised by how many long-term friends and colleagues want nothing to do with them. It was always hard trying to get a reservation in Beverly Hills, now it is impossible for Lori and her husband. Hollywood has turned its back on them; now it is time to leave town and start over.”

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