Major Shakeup Coming To “Dull” Real Housewives Of New York – EXCLUSIVE

The Real Housewives of New York have almost finished filming their next season, but producers are worried that nothing happens – the show and it’s cast are all a little bit dull.

“They are literally pulling out story lines with their teeth. It’s not possible to squeeze any more blood out of this stone. At this point the ladies are not to be blamed. They have all been with the show too long and have nothing new or interesting to say. We have watched them get married and divorced, have babies and have fights. There just isn’t much left for them to do except fake their own deaths,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “This year things have gotten so boring, additional ladies have been brought in to spice up the show including the return of matchmaker, Rori Sassoon. Rori’s role has literally been to give Ramona Singer a storyline by setting her up with men.”

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There may be drama ahead 👀 #RHONY

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