Meghan Markle Taking Step Back To Let Kate Shine – EXCLUSIVE

Meghan Markle has been listening to royal advisers and has decided that she needs to take it down a notch, especially when she is around Kate Middleton.

“Wearing a dark color and allowing Kate to shine when they all walked to the Church at Christmas together was a very smart and strategic move by Meghan. She has been listening to her advisers and has decided that taking on the wife of the future King – and mother of another future King – isn’t a good idea. If Meghan wants to thrive in this family, she will need Kate, who runs the show,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “After getting off to a very bad start, Meghan has decided that she needs to take it down a notch and blend in more as she learns the rules of the family and the job. She came on too strong and has dialed it way back. Expect to see less of Hollywood Meghan in 2019— less of her hanging out with Amal Clooney and more of her walking a few paces behind Kate.”

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“Gingers unite!” 🧡

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