Megyn Kelly Dumps Savannah and Hoda – EXCLUSIVE

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Megyn Kelly sold the idea hard that she was part of ‘The Today Show’ family, but since she was dumped by the network, Megyn has cut off all contact with Savannah, Hoda and everyone else.

“After she was hired, Savannah and Hoda and several other members of The Today show team reached out to Megyn to wish her the best. Megyn didn’t respond to anyone,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “Megyn is angry that not one of the other hosts defended her blackface comment. And the way Al Roker responded, is something she will never forgive. As far as Kelly is concerned, they are all dead to her. She wants nothing to do with any of them. When they bump into each other again at some fancy TV event, they better not try being nice to her. Megyn will give them all a piece of her mind.”

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