Naughty Gossip’s Donny: Dating Advice For Andy Cohen

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As previously reported on Naughty Gossip new father Andy Cohen went on his first date since becoming a father and it didn’t “go well” according to Cohen.

The gist of the it is that Cohen just wanted to be friends and his date clearly wanted something more. Andy was upfront with his date and told him specifically this as soon as the date had started. Even though what Andy did was honorable in that he was honest with the guy, I am actually going to call foul in that Andy shouldn’t have gone on the “date” in the first place.

The potential suitor had different expectations than Cohen did, and he went out of his way to look nice, do his hair, put a little concealer on (all the gays do it) and show up for the date. I mean we’ve all been on a first date and we know how exciting/nerve-wracking it can be. The guy thought he was pursuing a potential partner and Andy had no intention of going any further than friends. This is wrong on Andy’s part.

If you’re going to “hang out” with someone and they have the intention that it’s a date and you do not, you need to be honest BEFOREHAND and give them to option of whether or not to waste their time or be open to making a new friend.

Dating can be Naughty, but we’re keeping it Nice!

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