NFL Cancels Half Time Show – EXCLUSIVE

The NFL are sick of all the backlash from artists not wanting to participate in the Super bowl half-time production following the controversary with Colin Kaepernick. And now the league is talking about cancelling the show altogether.

“The NFL has been stung by what has happened this year. In the past huge stars were begging to perform at the event. The NFL were literally fighting off the biggest stars in the world. Previously acts were so desperate to perform that the NFL doesn’t even pay them a fee. However this year everything has changed. Now none of the big stars want to perform following all the controversy over the NFL’s reaction to players taking a knee,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “After putting on some of the greatest shows ever the NFL are rethinking the half-time show. They would rather go in a completely different direction than have a B-list act take the field.”

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