Real Housewife Sonja Morgan Is A Boss From Hell: INTERN TELLS ALL

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Real Housewife Sonja Morgan Is A Boss From Hell: INTERN TELLS ALL

SONJA MORGAN STAR OF THE REAL HOUSEWIFE OF NYC intern, Rachel McMahon, is telling NAUGHTY GOSSIP that former boss was a nightmare to work for. McMahon is claiming she was never paid in three years, was reduced to tears, and had to deal with ‘rude, selfish and insensitive’ behavior from her former boss. After we posted this, the intern now fears for her LIFE! “I’m a dead woman walking.”

“Yesterday for the fourth time I quit my (non paying) job in a very public way after almost three years,” Rachel tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP. “I’d been asked to remove a Tweet where I stated that I have given a lot of my energy and attention to my work even at times where I wasn’t able. Recently my employer, someone who I will always care about and root for has over the last few months, questioned my credibility (despite fighting with someone who questioned it before, and mentioning my qualifications on television), failed to give me feedback or response to a website I was building for her – which by the way I’m not qualified to do – and plenty more.

She reduced me to tears on more than one occasion, has been incredibly rude, selfish and insensitive – and I stayed quiet. She has bullied those who have been incredibly supportive to her, screaming, yelling. And she lies. She lied about me and revealed a very private element of my life on TV for no reason at all.

I put it more delicately to her the first three times I resigned. She doesn’t believe it nor does she understand any of the above even with proof. She professes she has no time. But she’s had time for NYFW, mini holidays, hitting the Hamptons in a private helicopter so it started to get to me when I could not move forward on the website after 4 months and she clearly had time.

My time is valuable too. Whatever I do with it.

After asking me to remove posts where I spoke of working for her while ill, at family occasions, at 3 or 4am in the morning she got angry. But I will not be censored anymore. To do so is to deny myself self respect and to ignore the love and support of my family who know what it’s been like for me.
I’m 30. I’m getting on. I can’t nor won’t put up with shit like this. That job was not my calling but I took it in the hope of making good professional contacts.

People have been very supportive although I was called fame hungry by one person. I’ve seen ‘fame’ up close. I don’t want a shred of it. It’s not real, it’s generally pointless and it commands a great deal of hypocrisy.

Today I woke up feeling better than I have for a long time and that wasn’t just because House of Cards dropped at 8:01 this morning. I was finally able to say what it’s been like. And a weight has been lifted from my chest.

And I want to thank all the people who told me to quit and apologise to them for not listening sooner.
And to those who want my old job, I wish you the best of luck but never give up your time or self respect or take shit from anyone.

I leave you with a quote from Ms Kathy Bates which is now my mantra: “Do no harm. Take no shit.”

Morgan did not turn our calls for comment.

UPDATED: After we posted Rachel McMahon reached out to NAUGHTY GOSSIP again, with the following statement.
Ah Rob Shuter! I’m a dead woman walking now! Can I clear 2 things up – I wasn’t paid for two years and I didn’t ask for money. I’m going to clarify that my remarks were made on my private Facebook page and not directly to you if you think it’s fair because she will believe I was talking to the press and looking for attention.