Sonja Morgan hooks up with Ramona Singer ex: EXCLUSIVE

Sonja Morgan hooks up with Ramona Singer ex: EXCLUSIVE

Sonja Morgan is not dating Ramona Singer ex business partner Peter Guimaraes, but the new power couple have teamed up together to launch a new drink line called Tipsy Girl.

“Peter is using Sonja to get his established restaurant and liquor line to the masses. It is exactly what Bethenny did for her own brand,” sources tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP. “He knows that the exposure of being on a hit reality show will help his business. He has put up ALL the money to launch the drinks, but Sonja is the face of the brand, and the one that will get the drinks on the show. Bethenny is LIVID.”

Sonja said they will have a official launch in the next few months.

“The East Side Bice was known for expensive delicacies like fettuccine with truffles, but Tipsy Girl will be “somewhere everybody can eat,” said Guimaraes, who added that he will be featured on Season 7 of the “Real Housewives of New York City.””

“Rob, this man is using Sonja. I hope she is being paid. She suggested that she had a boyfriend 10 years younger. That is the range for Peter. Peter had a relationship with Kasey Dexter, the adulteress in Ramona’s marriage. Sonja is a smart business lady but when she thinks with her heart things go wrong,” adds another source to NAUGHTY GOSSIP.