Terrell Owens’ ‘Big Feet’ Are NOT His Only ‘Challenge’ on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ -EXCLUSIVE

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Terrell Owens’ ‘Big Feet’ Are NOT His Only ‘Challenge’ on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ -EXCLUSIVE

Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke is saying that she is worried about her partner Terrell Owens big feet – that that isn’t his biggest concern.

“Terrell is a big boy. How else do you say it,” sources tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP. “That thing is keeping him off balance and causing a lot of problems with the costume department. Everyone in the costume department is talking about it.” WINK

“This week, the theme is Night at the Movies. We aren’t dancing to a specific movie; we are dancing to movie genres. Every week is a new challenge, and this week we have the jive, which is a difficult dance. I think this is going to be Terrell’s most difficult dance so far. I say that every week, but this one really is hard. It’s super fast and on top of that, we have to tell this story, which is a hard to do while jiving,” Cheryl reveals.

“So far, rehearsals have been really intense but great. This dance is completely different from anything we have done before. Terrell has done mainly ballroom dances, and of course his frame needs to be perfect for that. The jive has a lot more freedom, but in a way is more difficult because not only do we have to work on the lower half of the body, we have to work on the upper half, and we need to make sure he doesn’t look stiff.”