Why Was Teresa Giudice Angry This Time?? (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Real Housewife Teresa Giudice made an appearance last night at one of Long Island’s premiere hot spots, MaliBlue Oyster Bar in Lido Beach.  The appearance was scheduled to be a ‘meet and greet’ but there was some major confusion about this.

According to an inside source, despite a press release which stated the event was being hosted to ‘seek donations for the reality star’ they never intended the event to be a fundraiser. The source revealed that some of the workers at the restaurant had the idea to make it a fundraiser and word of their plans got out and was twisted.

Before Teresa got to the event, she was reportedly very angry about the media coverage of the event, calling it a fundraiser.

Teresa responded immediately to media reports that the event was being called a fundraiser by tweeting, “Tonight’s appearance at Maliblue is just a meet & greet w/ fans. I just heard that some of the workers there wanted to support me, and that is very sweet & I appreciate it, but if anyone wants to support me, please do it by donating to a charity I love: @NephCure. Xx

The parent company of the hotspot where Teresa was making her appearance tweeted an apology to the reality star, which she retweeted.

Despite rumors, the meet and greet was completely FREE and open to the public (but not the press, presumably as a result of the confusion). One fan of Teresa’s tried to give her some advice, telling her that Teresa needed to work on that family situation. Teresa reportedly responded, ‘It’s not me!’

Here’s a photo of our very own NAUGHTY BUT NICE STEVEN with Theresa and some of her fans at the event:

Teresa Meet and Greeta

If you’re in the mood for a great time after a fun beach day on Long Island, we highly recommend MaliBlue Oyster Bar. Go and enjoy their delicious seafood, sushi, and tropical drinks in a relaxing seaside location. They have a full lineup of live music playing throughout the summer.

These are the pictures Teresa was autographing and giving to fans. Very cute.

Teresa Giudice Autograph

Whether the event was supposed to be a fundraiser or not, the event went very well and the fans were very excited to meet Teresa. We wish her all the best with everything that’s going on.