Jon Stewart’s First Interview About Leaving “The Daily Show.” Who will replace him?

In his very first words since announcing he is leaving “The Daily Show” Jon Stewart tells “Extra” exclusively today he’s not leaving show business, “I’m still around, I’m just not doing the show anymore.” So how long will he stay behind the desk? Stewart reveals “We’re figuring that out, at least till July and maybe a little further.”

Potential replacement names are already floating around including Olivia Munn, Chris Hardwick, Joel McHale, and Chris Rock, but Stewart tells “Extra” he is not sure who should take over, “I don’t know man, I’m looking forward to seeing who they end up picking.” When asked if he will have a say in the decision he quipped, “I don’t think they let you do that, do they let you do that when you leave a job, you just get to pick whoever it is.” Jon joked, “I’m assuming someone around my size so they can save on the suits, I came in for Kilborn, he was six five so they just had to bunch them up in the back for me.”