Mariah Accused of Lip-Syncing Again! (check out video)

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Mariah Carey was accused of lip-syncing her performance on American Idol recently, and I guess that wasn’t enough to stop her from supposedly doing it again.  Last night (Sunday) at the BET Awards, Mariah took to the stage to perform her new song, Beautiful, with Miguel and Young Jeezy.

Unfortunately for the singer, there were a few things that caused the fans to question whether or not the performance was actually live.  Some fans claimed that in addition to her perfect vocals, she was still moving her mouth when there was a pause in the vocals.

Why are the fans questioning the perfect vocals?  Well… on a recent performance on GMA, she struggled with those high notes until they were magically fixed for the rebroadcast on the west coast.  She seemed to have no problem with those high notes last night.