Aquaman Throwback: See a 20-Year-Old Jason Momoa Looking Unrecognizable

The Aquaman star, 39, appears in the latest issue of PEOPLE where he looks back on his career and his early acting days. And the Hawaiian actor looked completely unrecognizable in one picture PEOPLE unearthed of him on the set of Baywatch: Hawaii all the way back in 2000.

In the shot, Momoa’s famous long hair is replaced by a short and curly look, with a tattoo-less 20-year-old Momoa giving the camera a smoldering gaze as he shows off his impressive abs in the signature red swimming trunks.

“My wife would leave me if I cut my hair so I just don’t cut my hair,” Momoa told the Daily Telegraph. “I am not cutting my hair for a while, I will tell you that much.”