Coco teaching daughter Chanel from an early age: BOOM

Coco teaching daughter Chanel from an early age: BOOM

Reality TV star and fitness model, Coco Austin, took to Instagram to show off pictures of herself in a bikini with her infant daughter, Chanel on Friday.

“Coco would love to get Chanel into modeling as soon as possible,” sources tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP. “Babies can make a lot of money at an early age and Coco is convinced her daughter has what it takes to be the Worlds next SUPERMODEL. She is posting a lot of pictures of her and knows that she will get discovered. Social media is the most powerful way to get discovered and Coco is determined that her daughter will be a huge star on day soon.”

Mama Coco was dressed in a bright pink bikini and her hair pulled back will her mini-me, Chanel, wore a tiny baby bikini of her own.

Pulling from Daddy Ice-T’s laid back style, 4-month-old Chanel also sported a pair of pink sunglasses on her head.

The little one has been a fixture on Coco’s social media presence since coming into the world last December.

What do you think? Is 4-months-old too soon to be thinking about a career? Let us know.