Kanye West Pissed At Drake For Not Warning Him About Amber Rose – WATCH

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Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have one thing in common… Kanye West. Though Amber may have had the rapper first, Kim got the ring and Amber is still not happy about it.

At the time of Amber and Kanye’s breakup Amber told The Gossip Table, “Kanye is cheating on me with Kim Kardashian. *1 She’s not my friend and she has never been my friend.”

Though this dates back years, just recently Amber called Kim Kardashian a whore! Kanye continues to keep his way out of any run-in with his ex, and just this past Sunday, he fled Drake’s *2 epic party because he found out Amber had entered Drakes LA mansion.

Though Kanye literally ran for the exit and avoided Amber, he is not happy that his pal Drake never gave him a heads up. He should have told Kanye that she was coming, there is no love lost between Amber and Kanye, but this wasn’t cool.

West was only at the summer kick off party for about an hour before the DJ announced Amber’s arrival and Kanye didn’t want to be anywhere near her or especially, photographed together.