Bachelorette Loser Nick Viall: ‘We Had A Level Of Intimacy Far Beyond The Act Of Sex”

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Nick Viall had his heart crushed at the end of this season’s Bachelorette when Andi Dorfman dumped him before the final rose ceremony, ultimately ending up with Josh Murray.

When Nick was asked what he meant by saying he and Andi had “fiancée-type discussions,” he responded, “I said fiancée-type stuff. I probably divulged enough information, so I won’t get into too much detail now that I’m not caught up in the moment, but I mean it was a level of intimacy that was far beyond just the act of sex for me, which obviously was part of it.”

“It was just very passionate, intimate, personal and emotional, just with the fact that an engagement was on the line, and that was understood by both of us and I was very clear about my feelings, and she was very clear about where she wanted this to go and I was very clear about where I thought it might be going,” he said frankly. “I think that’s kind of what I meant about it, in the situation.”

Poor Nick!