A Scott Brother Has Revealed He’s Suffering From A Mysterious Illness

On the latest episode of Property Brothers: Forever Home, Drew and Jonathan Scott helped someone very close to them – their brother JD. It turns out, the home makeover was especially important to their older brother because in an Instagram post, JD just revealed that for the past year he has been suffering from a mysterious illness. In a 26 minute long video, the 43-year-old JD and his fiancee, Annalee Belle, discussed his health struggle, which includes an extreme sensitivity to temperatures over 70 degrees. When JD is in the heat, he feels like is skin is on fire and often times he passes out. It’s a big problem since they live in Vegas.

JD explains there have been times where he has had to stay in bed for days on end because of the sickness, and he has undergone many tests, including multiple MRIs. Doctors at first thought he had an autoimmune disease like lupus, but after many months, they began to suspect he had two brain aneurysms. So JD and Annalee visited a neurosurgeon but he was fairly certain Scott did not have aneurysms rather he felt “a new pathway” formed in JD’s brain, which can happen and is thankfully not life-threatening. However, it put JD back at square one.

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