Alyssa Milano’s apology for labeling herself as ‘trans’ and ‘disabled’ backfires: ‘Playing the victim’

Alyssa Milano issued a mea culpa for her tweet that many deemed offensive — but she also took aim at the media and her own political party for adding fuel to the fire. Her apology isn’t sitting well with some fans.

The actress and activist faced backlash for labeling herself as “trans,” “a person of color,” “an immigrant,” “a lesbian,” “a gay man” and “disabled” in an effort to encourage her followers to not be afraid of what they don’t know. Milano, who is a straight, cisgender, able-bodied white woman quickly faced criticism from both liberals and conservatives. On Tuesday, the actress responded to a fan who asked how she feels about how the media handled the controversial tweet.

Milano replied saying that while her intentions were “pure” and that she used “well established poetic license & nuance” to try and make her point, the people she’s trying to “passionately fight for” were upset because she didn’t “say it the literal way they’d prefer.”

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