Bobbi Kristina’s Family Trying To Make Money Off Her Funeral – DISGUSTING

Pat Houston who is married to Whitney Houston’s brother Gary, is proceeding with memorial plans even though not everyone is in agreement – and now Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown is publicly taking aim at Pat Houston with an irate Facebook post Wednesday.

“The Brown family has just learned that Marion Patricia Houston, AKA: Pat Houston, is asking for the public to send money to her foundation (The Marion P Foundation) on behalf of my niece Bobbi Kristina,” she began.

“PLEASE DO NOT SEND ONE RED CENT! As she has not even sat down & spoken to my brother Bobby, who is Bobbi Kristina’s father, about this.”

“This is nothing more than another scheme of Pat Houston, to try to get money put into her account for her personal gain. There is much evil hidden behind this foundation,” she blasted.

“Furthermore, there is evidence of serious ‘issues’ that is prepared for the authorities of child trafficking and many other charges involving so called Pat Houston and those that are involved.”