Matt Lauer’s Friends Are Reportedly “Completely Appalled” By Him Now

According to People, all of the friends Matt may have had at NBC News after he was fired are gone now and people are “completely appalled”.

“A lot of people, who certainly had some sympathy for him and still hoped for the best for him, are now just completely appalled by not only what is being alleged but also, maybe even more so, by the way he chose to respond to it. He just doesn’t get that the power differential was so totally skewed in his favor that he had no business going anywhere near those women.”

“His claims that Brooke didn’t work directly for him are such bullshit: he was still one of the most, if not the most, powerful person within NBC News. It is insane that he can’t seem to acknowledge that these weren’t run-of-the-mill consensual affairs with women who are now trying to cover up their guilt. They were with women who were in a position of less power, less money, less agency than he had within the same organization where he had all the power, all the money, all the agency. It would have been one thing if they could in no way be impacted by him professionally, then he could maybe claim it was consensual and stick to that story all he wants. But as with [Harvey] Weinstein allegedly going after women who wanted to work for Miramax or get parts in a film, Lauer knew he had the upper hand in terms of the power dynamic when it came to these women and their futures at NBC, and to now attempt to play ignorant about that fact is beyond stupid, it’s infuriating, insulting and deeply disappointing to those who thought maybe he’d have learned something.”

“And if you think he wasn’t consciously exploiting that factor, in a predatory fashion, ask yourself why the women coming forward were all junior to him and all within NBC News. This is one of the most powerful, dynamic, wealthiest men in NYC media circles, and there’s not an aspiring actress, musician, lawyer, model, in the bunch. He knew what to make his prey, and he stuck to it.”

“He is deliberately trying to provoke and shock, and then he is turning around and being harassing and threatening. It’s just a hugely disappointing response to those who once cared about him–it’s like he’s fully showing his true colors now, and many people who thought he was maybe using all this time away holed up in the Hamptons to reflect and come to terms with his role in all of this now think that maybe he’s actually a far bigger monster than they ever realized.”

“I wish I could say any of it surprised me, but it doesn’t. I guess I’m a little surprised that he still doesn’t get it, that he still thinks it was okay to have “affairs” with co-workers who absolutely had every reason to feel nervous if they didn’t find his attentions flattering. If you didn’t find his “flirting” behavior charming–and just using the word “flirting” feels wrong, because it was so much more predatory than that, and it was not harmless–then you put a target on your back… If you didn’t find his comments about your ass or your weight loss, or your “beautiful eyes” to be funny or flattering, if you dared to say it was inappropriate or worst of all, asked him to please not say that again, then you were either dead to him, like you really became invisible, or worse, you were someone he’d talk about in negative terms: “She’s so uptight, she’s not a team player, she’s really uncooperative, she’s got a terrible work ethic.” You were either able to be “one of the guys” with him, or you were in jeopardy.”

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