Miley Cyrus “Drug Overdose” – scary new report!

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Miley Cyrus had a “drug overdose,” reports Life & Style, that left her, “unconscious for hours before being hospitalized.”

The magazine is reporting that the singer was hospitalization was the result of “months of over-the-top partying — including rampant pot smoking and a drug binge that ended in an overdose.”

“She and her friends were drinking beers and vodka cocktails by the pool,” says a witness. “We got to chatting, and Miley eventually asked my group if we wanted to go behind a hedge to smoke. She pulled out a huge bag of weed — it was so strong, and she was taking massive hits.”

“Miley went from being really chatty to completely comatose in a matter of minutes. She could barely walk.”

YIKES! What a terrifying new report!