Miley Cyrus slammed for photo shoot on protected Joshua tree

Does Miley Cyrus care more about getting a good photo than protecting Mother Earth? That’s what some critics are saying after she posted a series of Instagram photos of herself posing on a protected Joshua tree.

The singer put up the pics in response to some apparent personal drama, writing, “Looking down at all the petty drama like….” And while she looked pretty in her floral stocking ensemble, and got a thumbs up from pals like Gigi Hadid (“Wow I love this so much,” wrote the model), it didn’t take long for people to point out that Joshua trees, which are really a plant species called Yucca brevifolia, are protected under state and federal laws. And the Joshua tree, it is noted in this explainer, grows very slowly, so if something happens to one, it could be “centuries before another takes its place.”

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