Nicolas Cage claims he was too intoxicated to ‘understand’ his marriage to Erika Koike

In his filing for an annulment of his four-day marriage, actor Nicolas Cage claimed he was too intoxicated when he agreed to wed Erika Koike, according to a new report.

The “Face/Off” star, who filed for an annulment on Wednesday, alleges he “lacked understanding of his actions in marrying [Koike] to the extent that he was incapable of agreeing to the marriage.” Us Weekly reported, citing court documents.

“Prior to obtaining a marriage license and participating in a marriage ceremony, [they] were both drinking to the point of intoxication,” the court papers state.

The docs further claim that “as a result of his intoxication, when [Koike] suggested to [Cage] that they should marry, [he] reacted on impulse and without the ability to recognize or understand the full impact of his actions.”

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