Orange County Police Officer Caught On Tape Getting His Penis Stroked In Patrol Car

On the afternoon of April 10, a black-and-white patrol car pulled up along the train tracks by the Allan Company Recycling facility in Santa Ana. According to a source, an officer cleared the area of homeless people around 2 p.m. before parking by a wall. From an elevated vantage point, what happened next with a person described as a Santa Ana policeman was recorded by cell phone camera.

It’s not a police brutality video, but what is shown happening in the patrol car is no less serious.

In the first brief clip, a man seated on the driver’s side lays his left hand down on his lap. No longer obscured from view, his penis is clearly shown at full erection with a hand stroking it. The sex act captured on camera may appear as masturbation at first, but set those “Sergeant Slappy gets baton happy” jokes aside for the moment.

A closer look arises unsettling questions for whoever sat in the patrol car that day. The stroking hand appears more slender and effeminate than the man’s left hand by the driver’s side door. With a pinkie finger out, the stroking hand doesn’t appear to be bent at an angle expected from the seated man’s right arm; instead, it looks more likely to be outstretched from the passenger’s side, suggesting someone else was in the patrol car.

Warning: while the Weekly pixelated the videos, the content remains sexually graphic in nature.

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