Study Predicts End Of Humanity Due To Disinterest In Having Sex

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Groundbreaking studies in the 1950s found mice turn disturbingly violent and cannibalistic when subjected to overcrowding.

Scientist John B. Calhoun created mouse utopias in which the rodents had all the food, water and bedding they required.

But after several generations, the booming population descended into chaos with male mice becoming savagely violent and females failing to nurture their young.

The subsequent generation became known as the “beautiful ones” – non-violent but interested in little else other than grooming themselves.

These mice were unable to interact socially with one another and had no interest in sex, leading to the extinction of the population.

Tragically, even when this traumatised generation was removed from the stress of their surroundings they still did not recover and lived out their days in solitude, fixated on grooming.

The professor saw the doomed mice as a metaphor for the fate of mankind and called the societal breakdown a “second death” in reference to the Biblical book of Revelation 2:11.

Shockingly, the most recent generation of teenagers – dubbed Generation Z – were found to be less interested in sex than any other generation from 1976 onward, staying indoors, scrolling through social media and taking selfies.