‘Vanderpump Rules’ star claims fellow passenger assaulted her on Delta flight

Brittany Cartwright, a cast member on the Bravo reality TV show, revealed on Twitter that while on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Miami on Sunday, she became involved in an altercation with an unidentified passenger. Amid the drama, she says she was assaulted and had gum put in her hair.

“I cannot believe this day!!!” began Cartwright’s note about the incident. She said that while in a first-class restroom, a woman “started shaking my door a good 3 to 4 times when I had already told her someone was in there.” When Cartwright exited, she said she pointed to the occupied/vacant sign and explained to the woman how it worked. The drama escalated when they returned to their seats and Cartwright said the woman and her male seatmate started “making fun of me.”

When they deplaned in Florida, Cartwright said the woman came up to her and “PUSHES ME AND PULLS MY HAIR.” Cartwright said her fiancé, Jax Taylor, was with her and witnessed it all. “So of course we walk after her and say how dare you touch me I did nothing but show you a sign,” she recalled.

While Cartwright thought that was the end of it, when she got to her final destination she realized she had gum in her hair, which she alleges was put in when the woman “pulled it and pushed me.”

She went on to say, “This kind of behavior is not acceptable and I will be pressing charges. This incident was a complete assault. I had to cut gum out of my hair,” which she showed a photo of. “I did absolutely nothing to deserve this and I feel like a mean girl like this needs to be put in their place before she reacts like this to someone else.”