Watch Naomi Campbell Go CRAZY, Threaten To Murder While “Mentoring”

Naomi Campbell approved that this video be released! Remember that while you watch her deliver a Tour de Force Performance on The Face!


Since the footage of Naomi’s rant went viral her spokesperson has come to her defence to say that her outburst came out of her close relationship to the models and was simply an exaggeration of emotion to get a reaction out of the girls.

“As you will have seen from the clip, Naomi was exaggerating her reaction to evoke the requisite energy from her team. The challenge was to film an advertisement in one take and her team kept making minor mistakes, which meant they risked facing elimination.”

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The spokesperson added: “Naomi is a very involved mentor who is incredibly close with her team. She really fights for their success and sometimes that comes from tough love. Naomi is still in contact with all of her girls and continues to support their burgeoning careers.”

The star’s hot temper become public knowledge many years ago thanks to assaulting her staff; she hit her personal assistant with a telephone in 2000 and threw her jewel encrusted Blackberry at her housekeeper in 2006.