Kristen Stewart Comments On Resting B*tch Face – HOWLING

Kristen Stewart talks about having “resting b*tch face.”

Stewart says, “The whole smiling thing is weird because I actually smile a lot. I literally want to be like, ‘Dude, you would think I was cool if you got to know me.’” Just don’t expect to get to know her on social media. “The idea of addressing such a massive group… If I don’t know who I’m talking to it doesn’t make any f*cking sense to me,” she says.

“I apologize constantly, incessantly… There’s something so natural about saying yes I think with women there’s a natural inclination to want to satisfy people.” One famous person, though, is helping Stewart to be strong. She reveals Patti Smith has been her mentor since they first met when she was “in a f*cked up place” in her life.