Mike Epps Gives His Own Patti Pie Review: Funnier Than the Original

Mike Epps Gives His Own Patti Pie Review: Funnier Than the Original

Mike Epps recorded his own version of James Wright Chanel’s now infamous ‘Patti Pie’ review.

It doesn’t come anywhere close to James’ original moment in terms of pure comedy — but it gave us a little chuckle.

Watch below.

How did you spend this Thanksgiving? Wait. Don’t answer that — because nothing you say will compare to the day that James Wright (aka Patti Pies’ number one promoter) had.

In honor of the holiday (which is also James’ birthday), the woman, the myth, the legend — Ms. Patti LaBelle herself — invited James to her humble abode, where she presented him with an ornate birthday cake, serenaded him with a FIYAH rendition of Happy Birthday and called him one of her God-given “angels.”

“The thing is — God has blessed me with another angel. I should have met him four years ago onstage during Lady Marmalade. He tried about three times to get up on stage with me to sing and, if he had, this moment would have never happened — this moment about two weeks ago when he posted the Patti Pies. And so I’m so happy he didn’t get on stage with me years ago because God has really brought this other, like, angel into my life.”

Oh, and her son also bought James a Louis Vuitton duffle bag because “James is going to be a world traveler,” as Patti explains in the video.

Naturally, James was slain in the spirit — “I feel like I’m somewhere over the rainbow, chile” — but he resurrected to have this dance and wear out Patti’s 1978 ballad,You Are My Friend.