Robert Pattinson Finally Found ‘THE ONE’ – Wedding Plans!

Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend, FKA Twigs, says she has no intention of hiding their relationship.

“That side of my life [with the paparazzi has] nothing to do with me. That’s, like… That is the… side of life of the man that I love.” Twigs adds, “And… when that started happening I had to… Because that is the opposite of who I am as a person, and it was weird…”

“Then I had to sit back and have a conversation with myself and I had to say: that is something really horrible. No, not horrible, I don’t find it horrible, it’s something that’s very challenging. I look uncomfortable because I am uncomfortable,” she explains. “But then it’s, like, is this person in my life worth that? And he is, without question. Do you know what I mean? In comparison to how happy I am. And how I feel with him. It’s 100 percent worth it.”

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