Clay Aiken finding his American Idol fame not much help in run for US Congress DUHHHHH

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Clay Aiken, runner-up on the second season on American Idol, is trying to be the Democratic candidate for a seat in the US Congress representing the 2nd District of North Carolina.

Aiken is fighting an uphill battle in a largely Republican district.

‘(Rosie O’Donnell) told me we are all just waiting for obscurity, so I should do it while I can,’ Aiken tells the Washington Post. ‘I should do it when I can make a difference. I have this microphone, I should use it.’

‘It’s tough because the people in the district all assume he has these big Hollywood connections so they don’t want to donate,’ one of Aiken’s campaign consultants tells The Post. ‘But the truth is he isn’t that big a deal in Hollywood, so he can’t raise that much there.’