Tom Cruise and Katie Homles – rarely speak one year after divorce!

It was June 29, 2012, just five days before Tom Cruise’s 50th birthday, when Katie Holmes announced she was seeking a divorce.

Now, exactly a year later, Tom, 50, has focused his attention on movie projects (he starred in Rock of Ages, Oblivion, and Jack Reacher, and signed on for the fifth Mission Impossible film, where he’ll reprise the role of Ethan Hunt), while Holmes, 34, has made a life for herself in New York City. Neither have found love!

“They do not talk with each other very often, and when they do communicate it is about Cruise,” a friend of Katie’s reveals to NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “This was not a friendly split. It has left deep wounds and these two will never be friends again. Katie couldn’t be happier right now and has no room in it for her ex. She will never discuss what when wrong in her marriage, but she wanted out and has never regretted it for a single minute.”

Cruise and Holmes married in Italy in 2006. It was the first marriage for Holmes and the third marriage for Cruise, whose ex-wives include Mimi Rogers and Kidman.