Justin Bieber hooks up with Neil Diamond! – sweet Caroline

Justin Bieber has a new musical mentor: Neil Diamond! First you read here that Beebs met with singer David Bowie a couple times to talk about collaborating, now it seems Bieber has “linked in” with another classic music artist, Neil Diamond.

The two met very casually at the poolside cafe at the Beverly Hills Hotel in a corner booth to talk about music, life, and the business behind the music of which Neil is a 40+ year veteran. Diamond has really revived his own career in recent years, performing with artists like Taylor Swift and British pop legend Lulu.

Seems like Bieber is reaching out to some of the great musical talents, who really know how craft solid hit songs. Can Bieber’s next hit be far away now that he’s got a Diamond mind behind him?? #YouGotTheWayToMoveMeCherry